VIP Swinger Events

Swingtagon International is a VIP swinger events organization connecting Europe’s most refined swingers. We host exclusive members-only Castle Parties specifically tailored to high-class swingers seeking an experience where discretion and esthetics are one of the top priorities.

Eyes Wide Shut Parties

Several times through the year, we host exclusive Eyes Wide Shut events in luxurious venues such as castles, penthouses, and yachts. At Swingtagon International, we proudly distinguish ourselves by providing participants with an experience that exceeds all imaginations.

VIP swinger events for people who prioritize esthetics and beauty

Swingtagon International is an excellent fit for attractive, elite swingers seeking to connect with like-minded people through our members-only VIP Swinger Events.

We do not host just another “Eyes Wide Shut party”! At Swingtagon Events, we offer a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience! In addition to luxurious settings and event locations, we ensure an unforgettable experience by handpicking all participants beforehand through a membership application process.

Exclusive Swinger events where confidentiality and mutual respect are highly prioritized

Our participants include famous athletes, pop stars, international models, CEOs, and VIPs who highly value privacy. Therefore, we apply strict rules during our swinger events to ensure a highly confidential experience for all participants.

Alongside strict confidentiality, we put a premium on mutual respect to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone involved, particularly newcomers to the swingers scene.

Why attending our vip swinger events?

Attractive People Only

We prioritize esthetics and beauty. To ensure an unforgettable experience during our events, we hand-selected all participants in advance through a membership application process.

Sexual Activity With Partner

You don’t have to have sex with anyone other than your partner. You don’t even need to engage in any sexual activity at all. Some people find more pleasure in simply watching others having sex.

Mutual Respect

Just because it’s a sex party does not necessarily mean that anything goes at our swinger events; we put a premium on consent and mutual respect. A “no” should be respected as a “no” without further discussion.

Dress Code

We apply a strict dress code. Ladies should wear an elegant cocktail dress during the event, while gentlemen should wear a tuxedo. Participants are also required to wear masks in the Eyes Wide Shut style.

Your Privacy Is Protected

We don’t allow video or photo devices at our events to ensure everyone can enjoy a discreet and comfortable experience.

Couples Only

Single gentlemen are only allowed at our events if they are accompanied by a lady. We can connect you with a single woman.

Welcome to swingtagon international

By Maxime Mavrin – The General Manager

Are you a first-time visitor to our website, or have you been here before without reaching out? Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Maxime, and I am the general manager of Swingtagon International. I am glad to welcome you to our website!

At Swingtagon International, we recognize the need to stand out in the crowded swinger industry by offering participants a unique experience they can’t find elsewhere. Therefore, we focus on the quality of participants rather than quantity, carefully selecting only the most attractive and exclusive couples to join our VIP swinger events.

In addition to young and attractive couples, we have celebrities attending our swinger events. This prompts us to enforce very strict rules to ensure the privacy of all our guests. 

Furthermore, we are meticulous about our events’ ambiance, decor, and luxurious locations. We hold our main events in castles and local gatherings in upscale mansions. Once a year, we treat a select group of high-end swingers to a weekend on our luxurious yacht, where they can share unforgettable experiences.

Would you like to sign up for a FREE membership or learn more about our VIP swinger events? Please don’t hesitate to contact our discreet management team. We ensure utmost confidentiality! We are excited to hear from you.